The English Premium league 2020-21 will be starting from the 12th of September 2020. It will be the 29th season of EPL, the defending champion Liverpool is all set to defend their title with all strength.

Fans for the Liverpool can be found anticipated to support their team but bad news for them, the season has initially planned to run with limited or no attendance besides the team players and crew. Back in June, the shareholders made tentative resumption in the meeting and after a long discussion, they mutually agreed to bring back players for their training. The clubs were informed that the government will not facilitate them at any cost on social distancing rules and regulations and they have to begin their game behind the doors. As a result, the matches start by following the strict SOP’s and players have accepted it, cordially.

When does the 2020/21 Premier League season start?

Every year, the EPL starts on 8th of August. But due to the pandemic outcomes, the authorities and the government couldn’t come up with a conventional decision to announce the proper schedule for the Premium league. But now, the schedule for the league has been announced start date for 12th of September.

When will the 2020/21 Premier League season finish?

The season is scheduled to finish on Sunday May 23, 2021 - three weeks before the Euro 2020 will kick off.

What’s new in the season?

The new season of EPL is coming up with more attraction for its fans. Plenty of clubs have released their newly designed kits and a newly designed ball has been incorporated by the Nike called “Flight Ball” claiming “inconsistent aerodynamics”. Well, if we talk about teams, twenty teams are participating in the league. Many of the teams are from the previous season but there are three teams from the final twenty which are succeeded to make their appearance after promoting from the championship. The teams Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion, and Fulham are the teams contributing in the league after sixteen, two- and one-years gap respectively. We feel pity for the Watford, Norwich City, and Bournemouth club fans because they didn’t manage to secure their place in the EPL 2020-21 season.

VAR and rules and other changes

Hold your senses, for the new season of the premier league, there is something more exciting to share with you all. At the AGM held on August 6th, new rules and regulation has been approved by the clubs with positive voting. Where all clubs are agreed to implement the Full FIFA VAR system. The VAR system will help the decision-makers to make their final decision by reviewing the entire activity. For this, the screen at the side of the pitch will be installed which will subject to view the review on decisions. As per the new rules. The assistant referee no longer can raise the flag in case of any marginal offside calls. They are restricted to remain their flags down when the goal-scoring opportunity arise. Either the goal occurs or failed, the assistant referee must raise the flag after the event by indicating his/her consent, the play must not stop. The VAR will then review the goal whether it is fairly done or it’s offside. Also, for the plenty shot out the referee can’t be able to bring the yellow cards into the filed. If a goalkeeper/player has booked with a yellow card the second yellow card won’t be able to send them off. Lucky they are! In the end, we would like to congrats the football fans and appreciate their patience for waiting for so long to show their support and love for their club. The time has come, we will keep you all updated with the latest news for the upcoming premium league season.
The temporary change of five substitutions in the rules were implemented in to protect players fitness following the three-month suspension of sport due to the pandemic. The extension to the rule has now been overruled, and clubs will return to a limit of three substitutions per match. Also the maximum amount of players on the bench will also revert back to seven.
Water breaks were also implemented to ease the burden of the heat on the players, as the Premier League resumed in the summer months of June and July. This rule will also not take place in new season 2020/21.

Where will be Premier League broadcasted?

USA: NBCS Network, Telemundo
United Kingdom: BT Sports, Amazon Prime
Australia: Optus Sport
Brasil: ESPN, DAZN
France: Canal+, RMC Sports
Germany: Sky Sport
Italy: SKY Sport
Mexico: ESPN
New Zealand: Spark TV
Portugal: Sport TV
Serbia: Sportklub
Slovenia: Sportklub
Spain: DAZN
Switzerland: Sky Sport , RMC Sport

Premier league teams for season 2020/21?

Manchester City


Manchester United

Newcastle Utd


Brighton & Hove Albion

Aston Villa




Crystal Palace


Wolverhampton Wanderers

West Ham United





Leeds United


Favorites to win new Premier league season

Manchester City
Manchester United